Monday, January 28, 2013

Teaching the little lady the essentials!

My daughter is starting to talk - well learn how to.  Her latest two words - "attack" and "Jesus."  You might be thinking, what in the world are you teaching your kid?  Well.... the essentials!

"Attack" - During bath time (her favorite part of any day) I have decided that I can make this amusement time - FOR ME!  She has bath squirties!  I fill them all up and squirt her in the chest or back, usually while saying "Baby's under attack!" in a fun voice.  She giggles because the water tickles.  She has learned to turn the tables on me though.  Now she hits the top of the water with all her might, splashing me (and everything else in the bathroom) and says "ATTACK!"  So now my dear, sweet daughter thinks being splashed with water is what "attack" means!  HE HE HE!  I am ok with that.

"Jesus" - This one makes my heart smile.  Although she learned this from a book that plays an off key version of "Silent Night."  It also has LED lights around the baby Jesus that makes Him a techno-colored nightmare.  It really is very odd to have a glowing baby Jesus in a book.  But she and I have had many conversations about the baby Jesus.  I love the fact she is learning her faith, but I need to find other methods than the glowing techno-colored nightmare!

Next words don't need to be such opposites!  But they probably will!

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