Thursday, April 12, 2012

I wish I would have known...

This organization was recently brought to my attention:  Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep  Where did I learn about this organization?  My friend Sarah posted this on her blog.  Her kind words are in fact about me. 

I really, really wish I would have known about this organization when we lost our son.  There was/is photographers in the town we live in.  We could have benefited from their free services.  Even though they were free, I would have paid for them. 

So I want to make everyone I can aware of this organization!  You never know when someone you know will need their services.  While I pray no one ever does, they are there and they do great work.

Problem with planning...

In high school I had "rules" for what my future husband would be like (in no particular order):

1. "Tall" - I am short and wanted my children to have a "fighting chance" at being average height.

2.  Faithful and good father for our kids.

3.  Have a shorter last name that is higher up in the alphabet that is also easier to pronounce.  I was always annoyed at being last at graduations, the end of classroom role....etc.

I did good in the first two categories.  The third it is one letter shorter, but closer to Z than A in the alphabet.  I did fall lower!  But the jury is still out on being easier to pronounce.

I was talking to a co-worker (a 19 year old) about her boyfriend and she laughed when I told her my "rules."  I have to laugh at them too!  Nice to know what was important at the time!

Friday, April 6, 2012

How do you make a priest smile on the most solemn day of the year?

The answer to this my daughter.  She is such a stinker pants!

So she and I went to veneration of the Cross today.  She conked out on me on the drive there (no surprise there!)  I didn't think anything of sitting in the front row like we always do.  She likes to look around and I like to be able to see as well.  During the readings and the petitions (even with all the standing kneeling associated with this service) she was like a very heavy and dead sack of potatoes all snuggled up under my chin.  She was awake, but just cuddling.  The guy beside me leaned over and whispered how cute and calm she was being right after the Our Father.  She took it as a challenge - I SWEAR!!  The second the priest starts to part of the service that is the quietest and most solemn she starts giggling, laughing, cooing.  As the congregation is walking up to the altar for veneration she starts doing her snow angel interpretation (waving her arms and legs wildly like she is making the largest snow angel she can muster), cooing, laughing, squealing for joy....everything in her power to draw as much attention as she can get.  I tried EVERYTHING in my power to get her to be quiet.  Offered her the bottle - not interested.  Binkie? - oh no, who needs that?  She attempted to turbo launch it across the church.  The binkie saver cord saved it from landing on the altar or the floor.  Shhh'ing her only made her want to be louder.  Offering her the little squishy bear in the diaper bag - yeah, she threw that on the floor.  Turning her around to face me - no help.  Turning her to face the stain glass window - no go!  That just caused her to lean over backwards and about head dive onto the floor.  All she wanted to do was dance and squeal for joy while facing the altar.

Did I mention that we were in the front row?  Oh yeah.  Father could have taken 2 or 3 steps and touched the top of her head.  She was in his periphery.  He LOST IT!!!  He tried to remain solemn and straight faced, but failed miserably!!  He was laughing, as was about 1/4 the church.

Why didn't I get up and go to the back of the church?  Well on one side was a lady who required a walker to move (which was in front of her), so we couldn't go that way.  She seemed to be the only person in the entire church who wasn't distracted by my overly happy child.  The other way.....the procession line and the gentleman who was finding this very enjoyable and funny.  Plus he couldn't stand well either.

What did I learn from this?

1.  I am SO going to hear about this from Father.  This story is almost guaranteed to be told sometime during a homily.

2.  Sit in a pew with easy access to the isle.  No more sitting in the middle of a pew that holds about 20 people.

3.  Lent really is about the joy of the resurrection.  My child just was a day and half early in celebrating.

Oh, side note:  on the way home she was asleep before we got out of the parking lot!  I guess she wore herself out with all that playing.  That or she was just bored without loads of people to play with.