Monday, May 13, 2013

Saints with the heart of a child

I have a theory and it is probably way wrong, but here it goes:

St. Anthony (the patron of lost things) is just an overgrown 3 year old child.  Has anyone ever seen a toddler who likes to play tricks on it's parents?  You know, take something, hide it, then when they are asked where it is the child smiles, giggles, then runs away?  Then the parent has to go chasing after the kid and coax him/her into telling them where said item is.  I think this is what St. Anthony does.

I am FOREVER losing things!!  I search for them - no luck.  I ask St. Anthony for his help finding said item.  It is found in the MOST OBVIOUS location possible.  My theory is that this is his way of making sure we still rely on the help of better people than ourselves.  So the next time you have lost something, just imagine St. Anthony sitting in heaven looking down at you with the ornery look of a silly 3 year old!

A Mother's Day Birthday

My birthday fell on Mother's Day this year (like it does every 5-6 years).  When I was little it made me upset.  I mean, my mom is a mother every day, my birthday only came around once a year.  Obviously I didn't get it.  When I hit my late teenage and college years it made me sad for my mom.  People remembered me, but my wonderful mom was getting forgotten.  Well now that I am a mom - I kinda liked it.  I used it as an excuse to do things I really wanted to do - since my toddler had no say in the matter.  We woke up and cuddled.  She gave me loads of toddler kisses - from both her and her stuffed animals.  I think I got about a dozen kisses from the lion's butt - we will work on what end gives kisses in the future.  Then we went to church.  After church we got some lunch and headed up to my grandparent's house to watch baseball with my grandfather.  My daughter had other ideas.  She DEMANDED that Papa play catch with her.  She was very insistent.  He was more than happy to oblige.  After the ball game we went to my mom's house and visited with her until she had to go to work.  By this time my husband was off work, so we picked up him and went to the park to walk around and let our daughter play on the slides.  We ended the day with a movie and more kisses from stuffed animals before she passed out.

PERFECT birthday and Mother's Day!