Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Calling the priest....

I have learned that the words, "Oh, no, she never does that..." in reference to my daughter is usually viewed as a challenge to her and she promptly does it.  One of the days I will remember this!

I was at my grandparents house today.  The little lady was sitting on the floor playing quietly.  I gave her my phone to play with (she likes to look at the pictures of herself).  She has never called anyone - up until today.  [Side note: some of the pictures are linked to phone numbers so when that person calls I see a picture of my daughter with that person.  It makes me smile every time and is a quick way to see that whoever is calling is someone I know.]  She was scrolling through the pictures of herself and came to a picture of her Godfather (who just happens to be a Catholic priest) holding her from her baptism weekend and she must have hit the "send" button because seconds after saying that she never calls anyone I looked down and saw the timer going and it said 20 seconds and counting and my daughter was chatting away.  I looked at her and said, "What are you doing?"  She laughed, smiled and I quickly picked up the phone.  She had actually made the call and he answered.

I was pretty embarrassed!  I had no reason to call him - and I knew he probably was busy working.  The little lady decided she needed something to tell him that was very important and couldn't wait.  Too bad neither one of us knew what she was telling him because it sounded like babble to the "adults". 

There is a reason why I think she called him.  Other than I gave her something that looked like a fun play toy with buttons.  God thought he could use a smile.  I was unaware that he was having a bad day, but he was.  He enjoyed the fact that she called him and was chatting.  Who can not smile at the sound of a baby chatting anyway?  I believe God used my daughter to make someone's day better - and that is awesome.  After apologizing for interrupting his busy day, he did express a hope that my daughter feels comfortable enough when she is 18 to call him up randomly and chat.  So do I!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Melted heart - day 2

So if singing our daughter to sleep wasn't enough to melt my heart, there was a new heart melting moment at our house last evening.  My husband was sitting in our papasan chair with our daughter laying across his chest and they were playing a cute little game.  He would kiss her, she would giggle.  They played this game for quite a while (considering her attention span is that of a nearly 7 month old's).  When that game was done, he started tickling her, and lo and behold, the giggling started up again.  Who needs toys when you have a dad who can bring you more joy by simply being silly with you?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Make a wife/mom's heart melt

Our daughter has been kind of a stinker when it comes to her sleep pattern lately.  My child who early on would be fine with being put down awake at a designated time would quietly play until she fell asleep or just realize once the lights were turned out and the music from the mobile started it was time to close her eyes, grab her bear and just fall asleep.  Well she had an ear infection a few weeks back.  Because of this, she couldn't stand laying down.  She spent the better part of two weeks either sleeping in her swing or on my chest while I sat in the papasan.  Not the most comfortable sleeping situation, but hey, both of us got some sleep.  Well I think she got very comfortable with the idea of sleeping next to me because she has decided that sleeping on her own will only happen after a temper tantrum.  She has been crying (half asleep mind you) prior to settling down for about a week now.  Tonight as I was washing the bottles of the day (and listening to her scream), I heard my husband's footsteps going toward our daughter and a few seconds later she stopped crying.  I assumed that she had convinced him to pick her up.  So after I was done I walked toward them and noticed something unexpected.  The baby was in her own bed.  My husband was sitting a few feet away softly singing to her and she was just looking at him.  She just needed to hear her daddy's voice to calm down.  Since I work evenings and am often times not home when she goes to sleep I asked him if he does this often.  I was pleasantly happy when he said he does and it generally works.  It is so nice to see how much she adores her daddy and how much he loves her. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Temper temper and addiction

My child has reasons to throw all out fits. She was sick the last week with double ear infections. Did she throw horrible fits because of the feeling crummy and the pain? No, not really. She was pretty good.
What caused my daughter to scream? Her Gossie and Gertie books that her little birthday buddy and his brother and sister (not to mention their wonderful parents) gave to her when she was born. We have started giving her board books (especially these ones) to look at. She likes the pretty pictures. She can even turn the pages on her own. What happened when her dad tried to take the book from her to READ it to her? Meltdown. She screamed at him until he gave it back to her.  Then she smiled her big cheesy smile. She is a pretty big fan of Gossie and Gertie.
Can you say independent and stubborn?