Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bathtime for my little button pusher

My daughter gets to enjoy the joy that I had growing up.... experiencing the fun of having her grandma (my mom) living next door to my grandparents (her great-grandparents).  I always enjoyed being able to run next door anytime I wanted.  (And there was always a nice neighbor to get a cup of flour or a couple eggs!)  So here are a couple fun stories from yesterday.  My little stinker was causing havoc at both houses.

We went to Grandma's house first.  Grandma fed her a banana, cheerios, and milk.  Well since it has been a few years since Grandma had to deal with babies she has forgotten a few of the essentials.  Like, if you give the baby food and don't sit by, a BIG mess will be made.  Well that mess meant the little lady got a bath.  So my mom undressed my baby, including taking off her diaper, THEN decides to run the bath water.  (If you have never bathed a baby, she did that backwards, water should be ready before the diaper comes off).  Well I don't know why my mom thought the baby would just sit next to her while she got the bath tub ready, but she thought this.  My little ornery angel decided to take full advantage of her new freedom and took a couple steps, then realizing that she could cover more distance faster on all fours, fell down to a crawl and took off like a greased pig after food.  She made it out of the bathroom, down the hall, and halfway into the living room (a pretty good distance in this house) before my mom caught up to her.  When I heard the unmistakable sound of the pitter-patter of little hands on hardwood I look in the direction it was coming from only to see my little angel in her birthday suit giggling, smiling, and crawling as fast as she could with my mom chasing after her saying, "Come back here you little squirt! Get back here! Come back! And DON'T PEE ON MY FLOOR!"  She got her bath and fun playtime in the tub.  She was in heaven!

Later we walked next door to play with the great-grandparents.  She crawled loads of laps around the house, giggling, and generally having fun.  When everyone was trying to watch the Saturday college football games, she kept trying to change the channel.  You see my daughter has learned to push the buttons on the remote and phone.  She had made 6 phone calls from my phone the day before (that was before I took the phone away from her).  Well at grandparents' house, she kept trying to get the remote, so my uncle gave her a remote from an old VCR player that was still in the house.  She kept pushing the buttons, then would look at the TV to see what would happen.  When nothing happened she got confused, yelled at me, then threw the remote.  Later I gave her a plastic phone to play with.  It took her about 5 seconds to realize it wasn't real, she yelled at me and threw it across the room.  You see my little button pusher actually knows what happens when you push buttons and doesn't like it when she doesn't get her intended results. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Daddy thinks it's funny!

My husband has trained our daughter to do what I call her little "parlor tricks."  He says "clap, clap" and she starts smiling, giggling and clapping.  When he says "dance, dance." She starts bouncing up and down. 

I have taught her to give kisses and hugs.  Also, I have her trained to giggle when I shake my head.

This being said, tonight I was laying on my back with my daughter sitting on my tummy when her dad called saying he was on his way home from work.  When I put him on speakerphone he said, "dance, dance," and she instantaneously started bouncing up and down.... ON MY BLADDER that wasn't exactly empty. 

She started giggling.  He started laughing when he found out what she did.  It was cute though.  She was excited to hear his voice and couldn't contain herself.  It was so cute.  LOVE!

You get what breed

First let me say, I am not perfect.  I make mistakes ... usually multiple times a day.  But something has been bugging me a lot lately and has made me reflect on myself and how I am as a mother.  I know two different moms that have out of control children, and I believe that they set themselves up for a tough situation. 

Both moms routinely call their kids negative names (not curse words), but names like "Devil boy", "Little Monster", "P.I.T.A" - ok, so the last one is curse words. (Pain in the a$$ in case you didn't know that one)  I asked both moms why they do this and they said that their boys are out of control and don't listen.  Even when I pointed out that they have become what their moms expect of them, both said "oh just wait, your daughter will become just as bad."

Well I hope not.  I think that by POSITIVELY reinforcing children they can be well adjusted.  Now, that is not to say I don't call my daughter names that are not on her birth certificate.  But lets look at some of these:

Little Miss Bedhead - This seems odd, but for someone with as short of hair as she has, she can root around enough when she is asleep to create some amazingly difficult bedhead to deal with.  I sometimes take pictures of it to showcase her ability!

Miss Sassy Pants - She is not lacking in personality.  Actually she is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen.  And I am not the only one that thinks this.    With all this personality comes sassiness.  It is who she is.  She crinkles her nose and snorts, moves her face to right in front of yours to get your attention then giggles, things like this.  She knows how to get a smile and does her little tricks to get the smile or laugh she wants.

Stinkerpants - This may seem negative, until you realize I call her this when she has a LOADED diaper.  Everyone poops - it is a natural process.  It isn't a degraded thing I say 24/7... and it is said jokingly.  Whenever I am calling her this, she is giggling... it almost like she lies in wait for me to discover the surprise she has for me then giggles when I tease her about it.

And of course there are the uplifting ones:
Angel - She is our little gift from God.

Sweetie - Again, happy baby.  Sweet hearted kid

Pumpkin - She was born in October.  I looked like I had swallowed the Great Pumpkin when I was about to deliver her.  She has been my little pumpkin since before she was born.

Cuddlebug - My little angel loves to snuggle.  I think if she could get someone to carry her everywhere she might allow it to happen... that is until she wants to get down and play.

So my hope is that my positive reinforcement of my daughter leads to more angelic than demonic behavior.  Don't get me wrong, my daughter isn't all sugar and spice all the time, but she is more sweet than bitter!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Two simple words make all the difference...

Yes, I am going to talk about the two hardest words any person needs to utter.... "I'm sorry."  Apparently people have forgotten how to say them!

Today the little lady and I went to the grocery store (not as easy when the one you are with is squirmy and wants to climb out of the cart....but I digress)... As I was getting her out of the car out of the corner of my eye I saw a large teenager who just happened to be Hispanic.... he was running towards me/my car and screaming.  Well his intended target was his friend in the car next to us.  He wanted to spook her, but instead he nearly made me pee myself.  I almost dropped my daughter I was so frightened.  Instead I kinda squeezed her a little harder than I intended and turned my back to him.  When he started laughing at scaring his friend I turned around and in my very angry mommy voice screamed at him, "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" 

His lame response:  "What, I thought you saw me."

Me:  "I saw you after you scared the life out of me.  What were you thinking?  Were you even thinking?  Did you not see me getting an infant out of the back of a car?  Do you realize I almost dropped her?  You need to be aware of your surroundings!"

Him:  "Lady, chillax (I HATE THAT WORD!  YOU MIGHT AS WELL JUST RUN YOUR NAILS DOWN THE CHALK BOARD NOW!)  I was just playing a harmless joke."  Then he walked away from me leaving me very very upset.

So what did I do?  Well since this young inconsiderate individual works at the store (yes, he did this in his work uniform), I decided to do what any good mom would do.... I tattled.  It didn't hurt that the assistant manager was one of the first people I saw when I walked in the store.  So I told him what his employee was doing (on property and in uniform no less), how upset it made me, and how unprofessional I found it to be.  His response, "I will talk to him."

At no point did either of these gentlemen say they were sorry.  The guy who scared the crap out of me and my daughter thought it was funny (but what do you expect from a teenager, right?).  The manager (who I thought might understand my point because he was about my parent's age) didn't even seem all that concerned about it.  I highly doubt anything is done about this.  But I bet, had I actually dropped my daughter and I threatened a law suit there would be loads of people appologizing for the stupidity of one.... or maybe not....

Glad I didn't have to find out.