Friday, August 17, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

I like to watch my daughter.  It is better than TV!  She never ceases to amaze me.  I have also noticed that she is kinda transitioning from a mama's girl to a daddy's girl.  And why wouldn't she?  He is the fun one.  He sings silly songs.  He has endless energy to bounce her (since he bounces his legs almost non-stop anyway as a side effect of his ADHD)  He makes a great a great seat (I have a number of pictures of her sitting on his shoulders, head, arms, etc.)  He's just a big teddy bear.

He took us to feed the ducks, geese, and fish at a local pond today (a favorite activity of both of us).  It took awhile to wipe the grin off her face.  She was bouncy, giggly, and all smiles.  We even walked through a park and took some time stopping to smell the flowers. 

How do you cap off a great evening?  You come home, eat dinner, (get a diaper change of course), and then spend a couple hours singing Disney songs and bouncing on Daddy's legs. 

We know you are jealous!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's wrong with the world

I have been hearing that my generation has gone to hell in a hand basket. (I guess I should say I am in my late 20s, my parents in their 50s and grandparents in their 70s). Supposedly we are spoiled, rude, and don't appreciate what we have. Also we are supposedly so self absorbed that we are stuck in the birth control/abortion mentality that our elders worry for the generations to come.

Well why I won't deny that many in my generation are like this, I maintain that this is learned behavior and it goes beyond our parents problem. Why do I blame those in the 60s (yes, half way between my grandparents and parents' age)?  Well let me tell you:

I have been noticing how people treat my daughter and I when my husband is not around.  Since I look like I am in high school, often times I can appear as a teenage mother.  While I know that it has been over 10 years since I was a teenager (oh sweet merciful Jesus I feel old), I do realize that I was a teenage mother when the 70+ year olds were, I would have been sent off to some home or sheltered away with some random family member until the baby was born then adopted.  I would have then returned home after a miraculously amazing vacation and no one would ask questions.  All this is besides the point, because these men and women of this generation are the nicest to my daughter and me.  They are always willing to make funny faces at her.  She LOVES them.  I never hear anything negative about being a parent from these men and women.

Well if you move on to those in their 60s you would think aliens had invaded the world and exchanged the brains of that generation with crazy-town brains.  I blame the "free-lovin" and Roe v. Wade infection.  What have both men and women said about me, my daughter, or both of us together that makes me think we live in a world of "Men in Black"? (and my responses)

"She's cute.  It is too bad your birth control failed." (Yeah, she was and still is very much wanted and loved and I never took birth control)

"Why would you ever want to ruin your life for at least the next 18 years?" (My life isn't ruined, it is improved.  She makes me love waking up each day to see what she can manage to do to make me giggle and love her even more)

"You are throwing your potential away." (No, I am living out a greater calling)

"Why would you want another kid?  They are expensive.  One is more than enough."  (Umm.. as long as God is willing to grant us another kid, we are willing to be the best parents we can be.  We say bring on the fun!  Plus, our daughter needs someone to fight with.)

And these are just a few of the ones I could come up with off the top of my head.  Oh, and not to mention the crabby lady at church who feels the need to scowl at my precious daughter.  It is not my dear daughter's fault you can't see the face of God in a happy child who just wants to play peek-a-boo with you.  She was not being loud, nor destructive, and was barely being distracting.   Had you smiled at her, she would have moved on to her next object of attention.  

There is a silver lining to my rant.  I am noticing a return to common sense for our generation and those younger.  There seems to be a growing appreciation for the respect for life movement.  Maybe it is because we are young and haven't been completely sucked into the culture (for the record I don't believe this one), or it is that we have noticed what our parents did, realized it didn't work and want to return to a better time in history.  Either way, as soon as people learn to realize that babies are a blessing, not a burden, the world will be made a better place.