Saturday, July 14, 2012

Welcoming committee chair in training

The little lady and I recently went to daily mass on a Friday at her Godfather's parish (and yes he was the presiding pastor).  Well I didn't realize that NO ONE uses the "front" door of the parish and that everyone comes through the side door (stage left).  Well we sat in the second to the front row where everyone would have to walk past us.  I had her standing on the pew in front of me while I was kneeling in prayer (yes, I was holding on to her) and I couldn't figure out why it seemed like she was acting like a washing machine on the agitation cycle, so I opened my eyes and watched her.  As each person walked in the door she would make eye contact, smile, and follow him/her to the respective seat choice to see if the person would smile at her.  If she got a smile as her chosen target walked through the door, she would flap her "wings" (arms) and wait for the next person to walk through the door.  Each person was welcomed with a huge smile - one that was irresistible.

Well today in mass (at our "home" parish) she decided to attempt to bring joy to everyone around us.  There was a grumpy lady seated behind us.  The little lady tried to play peek-a-boo, smile, giggle, and generally be adorable.  While it didn't work to make the lady smile, everyone else in the rows behind us were smiling and enjoying her "antics".  I even had an older gentleman came up to me after the recessional to tell me how much he enjoyed watching my happy baby. 

Give it a couple years and she will be the church's welcoming committee chair person!

Promises to my child

Who knew that having a child of my own would make me extra-aware of others parenting styles.  (Doesn't it happen to every mother?)  So here are my promises to my child based on the observations of others.

1.  You will know you are loved.  I will tell you at least once a day that I love you.  I will do my best to show you as much (or more) affection as you need to know it.  I don't want you questioning if you are loved - EVER.
2.  You will know the meaning of the word, "No."  I will not be afraid to use this word when it is needed.
3.  You will not get everything that you want.  But I will do my best to make sure you have everything you NEED.  And you will know the difference between wants and needs.
4.  You will know how to act in public.  I will teach you what is appropriate and what is not.  If you have difficulty with this concept - I am not afraid to leave whatever public venue we are at. 
5.  I will do my best to praise you in public and private and correct you as privately as possible.  Now if your behavior warrants it, you will be corrected in public as well.
6.  You will know the Benedictine teaching of moderation and utilize it in your life.
7.  You will dress modestly as long as you live in my house. (and hopefully after)
8.  You will know the importance of your faith. 
9.  I am always here to listen to your stories, concerns, and to kiss your boo-boos (real and imagined)
10.  You will know the importance of personal hygiene.  I will make sure you don't smell bad and look like you have bathed recently.  Now if you come home covered in mud after playing hard with siblings or fishing with your daddy, I reserve the right to hose you off before letting you come inside to bathe.